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For most people, the Moon is the first celestial object they will view through a telescope; its pitted surface an introduction to the cosmos which changes their perspective of life on Earth. It is the place where we, as a species, took our first steps on another world.

Our Moon is a visible beacon in the sky that can be seen by all of humanity. It is a light of unity in the darkness of division. The Moon Society works to promote the advancement of humanity in space with a focus on what we like to call our eighth continent and sister world. It has been nearly 50 years since Gene Cernan traced his child's initials in the dust of the moon, and since then we have not been back… But that is all about to change!

The Moon has once again become an international focus for the reborn space race. We will see the first woman and the first person of color step foot on the surface of the Moon. In the coming years, humanity will venture out into space in large numbers and there will be cities on the Moon; there will be a permanent home for human beings on its surface. The Moon Society is working, together with a multitude of global and local organizations, to craft who we are as a species when we get there and how our civilization will work.

Your Moon Society membership comes with a variety of rewards. Your membership is also the opportunity to join with other like-minded people from around the world who have gazed up thru the darkness at that shining symbol of what could be and dreamed a better world.

We are going back. And we want you to come with us!

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